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On Einstein 1 and Data Cloud

Was Dreamforce 2023 "the world's largest AI event"? I (clickbaitingly) disagree.
On Einstein 1 and Data Cloud
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Any sufficiently advanced statistical model is indistinguishable from actual intelligence. Of course, Arthur C. Clarke's original quote involved technology and magic, but that is the point — at the heart of what we call "generative AI" we have patterns, extrapolations like the one I just attempted, attempts at analogies that are powered by statistical models and, ultimately, by data.

Salesforce touted Dreamforce 2023 as "the world's largest AI event", very clearly highlighting in all the main keynotes how their customers can use the platform to ride a new wave of disruption, and do it sustainably in terms of ethics and privacy.

However, I believe that Salesforce speaks loudest through its products. And, if we cut through the noise, we will realize that Dreamforce 2023 was all about reorienting the platform to better deal with data. After all, AI applications, including Salesforce's, fall flat on their faces without good, consistent data and a comprehensive data strategy.

True to the Core

Death. Taxes. Salesforce renaming products. That much we know is certain.

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