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On the retirement of Salesforce Functions

Salesforce Functions will be discontinued in 2025. The announcement was quite unexpected. Was it surprising, though?
On the retirement of Salesforce Functions
Photo by Anna Goncharova / Unsplash

Surprising many, Salesforce quietly disclosed the end-of-life for Salesforce Functions last week, through an alert banner on the support page for the feature:

Salesforce Functions will reach end-of-life on January 31, 2025. To keep the functionality of the functions deployed to your org, you must migrate them to a different product before the end-of-life date. See Salesforce Functions Retirement for more information on migrating from Salesforce Functions to Heroku. Contact your Salesforce Account Executive for more information on Heroku.

Salesforce Functions was announced at Dreamforce 2019 as a closed pilot and only became generally available in October 2021. The product was initially called Salesforce Evergreen, but the name shifted over time, perhaps because "evergreen" is a relatively crowded term, mostly in the CPQ domain.

Functions will have spent roughly the same amount of time, a bit less than two years, being generally available as it was in pilot and beta. And, if the calendar to reach EOL goes as planned, it will spend about one and a half years until the feature winds down.

Now — is this really a shocking move?

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